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Approaches and Methodology

UDN aims to promote the full participation of poor and marginalized people at every stage of the implementation of this programme. This entails the use of Participatory Action Learning (PAL) tools and methodologies aimed at promoting interactive learning processes, shared knowledge, and flexibility required to sustain the actions identified in the programme areas.

The following approaches are currently being applied to help achieve UDN objectives:

  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Working with Civil Society Organizations
  • Community Empowerment
  • Rights-Based Approaches (RBAs)
  • People-Centred Advocacy
  • Gender and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy

A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Strategy is in place to track the progress of the implementation of the programmes. The following are the components of the M&E Strategy.

  • Monthly review & planning meetings
  • Quarterly review and planning meetings
  • Half-Year Review and Planning Meetings
  • Field visit activities
  • Annual Review and Planning Meetings
  • Mid and end-of-Programme External Evaluation
  • Phase-out processes
  • Documentation of experiences and lessons

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