Amuria- Amuria District Integrated Development Forum (ADIF). Formed in 2007, Amuria District Integrated Forum (ADIF) operates in Obalanga, Kapelebyong, Asamuk, Morungatunyi and Acowa sub-counties in Amuria.
BUPOMA is UDN’s partner in Bukedea District. It was formed in 2006 and currently operates in 3 sub-counties in the district, namely; Kolir, Malera and Kidongole.
CODAID-U operates in Butansi, Balawoli, Namwendwa & Bugaya Sub-Counties in Kamuli District. It was formed in 2003 after UDN rolled out its Community Based Monitoring and Evaluation System (CBMES) in the district.
Operating in Budhaya, Muterere, Kapyanga and Nabukalu Sub-Counties in Bugiri District, COPISED was formed in 2003 and registered as NGO on 24th January 2014, with support from UDN.
Grassroots Action for Progress (GAP) is a Community Based Organisation that was formed in 2002 after UDN launched the Community Based Monitoring and Evaluation System (CBMES) in Iganga District. GAP operates in selected Sub-Counties within Iganga District, namely: Makuutu, Ibulanku, Buyanga, Nambale & Bulamagi.