UDN Strategic Advocacy Programme and Plan (SAPP) 2017-2021

This Strategic Advocacy Programme and Plan (SAPP) 2017-2021 is UDN’s seventh SAPP since the organization’s formation in 1996. It builds upon the experiences, lessons and good practices accumulated over two decades during which UDN has recorded significant growth and learning as a leading public policy organization in Uganda.  SAPP, therefore, aims to consolidate the learning and lessons to propel UDN as a key civil society actor that has significantly influenced the trajectory of development and governance in Uganda.

The process of developing this SAPP, like the previous SAPPs, has been participatory. Consultations were held with UDN’s partners at regional and grassroots levels, including discussions with key stakeholders, experts in legal and public policy frameworks and duty bearers at both district and national level. What emerged from these consultations is that the changing nature of public resource generation and utilization, coupled with a new paradigm of debt architecture necessitates UDN to re-focus and strategically put her energies on the issue of influencing people-based and accountable public resource management in Uganda. This will be achieved through strategic engagement at both national and international levels in addition to building on the presence of stronger CBOs and CSOs at community and district levels to enhance UDN’s reach in championing citizens’ ownership of their development. This is the direction that UDN will take during the SAPP 2017-2021 period.

In addition to the above strategies, this SAPP emphasizes institutional development for the realization of UDN’s Vision and Mission. It focuses on plans to grow an efficient and motivated team (of Board, Management and Staff) and put in place systems that facilitate more efficient and cost-effective implementation of programmes and tracking of results. The Plan also highlights the need to work towards steady and secure revenue streams to ensure UDN’s financial sustainability.

Building upon the gains of our previous strategic period 2012 - 2016, the next five-year period will focus on the following strategic objectives:

Strategic Objective 1:
To enhance the capacity of citizens and civic organizations to engage in public debt and development frameworks at local, national, regional and international levels.

Strategic Objective 2:
To promote citizens’ empowerment and engagement for accountability of public resources and delivery of public services.

Strategic Objective 3:
A UDN with solid governance, management structures and systems that enable delivery of high-quality results.


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