The organization has instituted an effective Civil Society Anti-Corruption Public Education Campaign using local radio and other media. The benefits from this campaign are beginning to bear fruit as many Local Governments strive to improve the quality and delivery of services.
Uganda Debt Network is currently implementing a five-year Strategic Advocacy Program and Plan (SAPP) 2017-2021 centred on the following three themes:


 Benefits to the members
All registered and paid up members are eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM). However, for purposes of election, only full members are eligible to stand and be elected to office. In addition all the registered and paid members are entitled to a complimentary copy of all UDN publications.
III. Towards financial self-reliance (Endowment Fund) UDN strives to achieve financial self-reliance. UDN has instituted an Endowment Fund Policy to raise funds from supporters, sponsors and other stakeholders. The funds are invested in high interest bank accounts or other income sources so thatonly interest is annually ploughed back into UDN programmes.
You can be part of this process by contributing annually to UDN Endowment Fund. For a start, all registered full members will in addition to an annual subscription fee, contribute to theendowment fund.

The UDN Membership Fees

Kindly call the membership officer on:

0700 431 573

Uganda Debt Network
Plot 153/155, Ntinda Road, Ntinda
P.O. Box 21509 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256-414-543974/533840 - 0414 698998 



UDN Membership Fees2


Founded in 1996 to champion the cause for debt relief, Uganda Debt Network (UDN) has established itself as a leading advocacy Non-Government Organisation (NGO) whose mission is to promote and advocate for poor and marginalized people to participate in influencing poverty-focused policies,demand for their rights and monitor service delivery to ensure prudent, accountable and transparent resource generation and utilization. UDN’s vision envisages a prosperous Uganda with sustainable, equitable development and a high quality of life of the people.

You and your organization can make a difference by becoming a member, supporting the work of our organization and taking part in the programmes. UDN believes in participatory decisionmaking
and local governance with equal opportunity for all persons irrespective of gender, age, colour, ethnicity, political opinion, race, creed or religion, social, economic standing or
disability. UDN works to empower communities with skills and knowledge to monitor and evaluate, on a continuous
basis, the utilisation of public resources at local and national levels. Our organization analyses national and local policies, carries out strategic participatory research to influence design, formulation and implementation of pro-poor policies. UDN has been the leading organization on the anti-corruption campaign in Uganda since 2000 having been a founding member of the
Anti-Corruption Coalition. UDN works closely with people at the grassroots and has facilitated them to form grassroots anticorruption coalitions.