covid 2Time is known to heal all wounds but at the same time makes us forget the existence of sensitive issues. A few months ago, Uganda was under a full lockdown with many restrictions and guidelines for the public on how to prevent the spread of COVID19. As time went on, it became inevitable for the economy to reopen for normal business. In the beginning, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Government including; mandatory wearing of a face mask, social distancing, among others, were strictly observed by the public.
To date, many individuals seem to not only have forgotten about the SOPs but also the existence of COVID19. Some Ugandans believe the whole situation is a myth whereas others are convinced that the Virus is far from their reach. However, the reality is that the virus is still around, as witnessed by the 8 number of deaths registered so far. One would ask himself/herself whether the government has become so complacent with the current state of affairs or has totally forgotten its mandate. It is flabbergasting to see huge crowds of people gathering without observing social distancing and wearing a mask. Some top government officials whom society looks up to as role models have continued to defy safety protocols all in the name of making campaigns. This surely fulfills the saying that “do as I say but not as I do”. The life of every Ugandan is precious to our motherland and it is appropriate that adequate measures are taken to reverse the increasing likelihood of a mass viral infection.
The government must penalize all individuals that do not observe safety protocol for holding public meetings irrespective of political affiliation and social status. There is a need to enhance public awareness campaigns to the grassroots levels as a way of reminding Ugandans about the dangers of careless living. Enforcement operations for the SOPs should remain a key strategy in this battle of keeping Ugandans safe.

Let us not leave the progress so far made to ruin!

By James Ssempijja
Writer works at Uganda Debt Network, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.